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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


We are conscious of the environment Hotel owns and how important is the environment for us as a tourist destination, hence the fundamental objective of our business is to provide the best facilities and services with minimal environmental impact.


SAUCES DEL ESTADIO HOTEL thereby assume a commitment to continuous improvement in the area of environmental management, cultural Partner and ensuring sustainable economic development based on the following principles:


1.    Respect the environment as a basic objective to develop processes and procedures to use resources efficiently, using inputs and products that minimize environmental impact.

2.    To promote the reduction, reuse, recycling of waste in a way that respects the environment.

3.    Rationalize the consumption of energy, water and natural resources through energy efficiency.

4.  Periodically monitor the implementation and enforcement of legislation and regulations applicable thereto and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, in order to prevent contamination.

5.  Maintain an Environmental Management System according to our sustainability policy, through programs and procedures, ensuring monitor and evaluate their compliance.

6.  Engage our Sustainable Management System to our suppliers, contractors, employees, customers and other society and community, in order to encourage them to acquire a responsibility in preserving the environment.

7.    Raise awareness and properly train all employees of the hotel in a continuous way, through courses and training programs related to improving the quality and the environment.

8.    Provide our customers with information regarding our principles on Sustainable Development and the efforts we made to preserve the environment.

9.   Systematically evaluate the impact of the activity of the hotel on the fate establishing a process of continuous improvement of environmental, economic, social and customer satisfaction issues, based on the objectives and goals set by the Hotel Management.

10.  Evaluate and update periodically our goals and objectives, and review, modify and adapt our management system to the reality of setting and destination.

11.  Train and sensitize our staff in preventing discriminatory practices against vulnerable populations.

12.  Implement prevention and control for the sexual exploitation of children. ESCNNA Legislation.

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